Welcome to KER

Keep Eastington Rural is for anyone living in the Parish of Eastington (Near Stroud in Gloucestershire) who appreciates the rural nature of the setting of our village and hamlets, and the spirit of community which we enjoy.

Keep Eastington Rural is not exactly a ‘group’ – it is the banner under which Eastingtonians have united, over the past three decades, whenever there is a threat to the parish or our way of life.

There is a core group of members who have a great deal of experience of planning law and of speaking with the Planning Officers at SDC, the Planning Inspectors and the members of the Council.  We do organise action protests and demonstrations where and when appropriate, but we  also largely rely on helping individual people to make their views heard and count at Ebley Mill.

If you  want to help protect all that is Eastington and join your voice with others please let us know :-

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