A useful article in the SNJ

For once the Stroud News and Journal took the trouble to write a reasonably balanced article, which does give a flavour of the supposed pros and cons, and what people are saying.

KER maintains that much of the ‘pro’ argument is pure wishful thinking but it is useful to take note of these fantasies!

Click here to open the article in pdf format, to read or download


Parish Council Exit Poll

A Public consultation drop-in meeting was hosted by Ecotricity
in the Village Hall on 4th Feb 2016.

The Parish Council took an ‘exit poll’ from all those attending, the results of which were as follows:

                                          Eastington   Non
                                    Total  residents   residents

Those saying 'NO' to the proposal    117   101        16
Those saying 'YES' to the proposal    23    16         7
Those who responded 'Don't Know'      10     7         3

Total responses:                     150   124        26